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Your business’s Internet connection is down -- and so is your business. But what if your business’s network could simply shift over to a secondary connection and keep right on working? That’s the whole point of equipping your workplace with a backup Internet option. Here are some insights into how such systems work, and how to set yourself with the right kind of backup Internet, courtesy of our Austin IT managed services experts.

Why do Internet connections fail? Assuming that your IT system’s internal components are okay, the two major failure points to worry about are your LEC (or local exchange company, the people who actually run the cable to your building) and your ISP (Internet service provider). In some cases, a severed cable is all that’s needed to throw you offline; on a grander scale, entire regions of a national ISP can suffer outages for hours at a time.

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Even a simple administrative error such as a missed payment can deprive your facility of Internet access -- unless you have a backup. Our tech experts can set up your system so that it automatically switches over to a secondary Internet feed if the primary connection fails. Your business can then keep on working without missing a beat.

It’s important to note, however, that there’s no point in setting up a backup Internet system unless that system runs on a completely different circuit than your primary connection. In addition to making use of two different ISPs (to protect against major municipal or regional blackouts), you’ll also want to rely on two different LECs so local issues won’t take out both connections. You may even want to use a combination or wired and wireless setups. Gravity Systems can fix you up with the right backup solutions for your needs. So don’t let your business “go dark” -- contact us today!

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