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Here we are at another holiday season – which, for many of us, means not a total absence from work but a combination of work and play. If you're planning on taking at least some of your workload with you as you head off on that richly-deserved vacation, do you have the proper technology in place to stay comfortably productive? Here are some suggestions from our Austin IT business services team at Gravity Systems.

Update your mobile devices. Is your company laptop, tablet, or smartphone really ready to serve you as you work while traveling? Maybe this is an opportune moment to upgrade these devices so they'll perform as they should. (Don't forget to enable “kill switches,” location monitoring, and any other advisable security precautions.) We can also help you set up shared project software platforms so you can collaborate easily with groups.

Get your home office in order. How convenient would it be to sit down at your home computer, log into your company's IT system, and have full access to all the data you need? We can provide with shared server and remote desktop solutions that give you a full-scale home-based workplace.

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Flesh out your skeleton crew. If you've left a skeleton crew of workers in place to run things at your business over the holidays, you may spend too much time worrying about how your technology is running back there instead of focusing on your own agenda. Why not enhance your team's abilities, and take some pressure off of them at the same time, by taking advantage of Gravity Systems' off-site and on-site tech services? We can give you those extra pairs of hands you need to make sure everything goes smoothly – even after the holidays are over.

Make it the happiest holiday ever – with our help!

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