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Office 2010 and Outlook 2010, specifically, have added a number of great improvements that increase productivity.  One such feature is the Quick Step.  Quick Steps in Outlook allow you to combine multiple actions, such as marking a message as read, moving the message to a folder, and create a task all into a single task option.

Issue: User wants to add more Quick Steps than can fit on the default Office 2010 ribbon
System: Windows 7 Outlook 2010
Error Code: N/A
Solution: Customize the ribbon!

  • Open File>Options>Customize Ribbon

  • Expand the Home (Mail) tab  Outlook 2010 Quick Steps Options

  • Find command groups that you do not need to show, such as Delete Group, Flagging Group, or Find Bar

  • Select OK to close the dialogue box

  • The Quick Steps box will grow wider to accommodate your additional steps.

  • To manage the order of Quick Steps, click the small arrow in the bottom right corner of the Quick Steps box, and use the up/down arrow buttons to change the order

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