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We were troubleshooting an Outlook issue the other day during an on-site network maintenance visit.  Outlook on a user's computer would not open correctly.  The solutions required editing the associated registry key.

Issue: Outlook does not display main window after opening.  Send-receive and other windows may be available.

System: Outlook 2010, Windows 7

Error Code: N/A

Solution: Edit registry for window position information

To resolve this behavior, delete the relevant registry value and then restart Outlook to recreate the value:

  • Close outlook. Click Start on the taskbar, and then click Run.

  • Type regedit, and then click OK to start Registry Editor.

  • On the registry tree in the left pane, locate the following registry key:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\XXX-VerionNumber\Outlook\Office Explorer\

  • In the right pane, right-click the Frame value, and then click Delete.

  • Quit Registry Editor.

  • Start Outlook.


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Date: May 09, 2011

We were called last week with an issue regarding the print output from PowerPoint 2010. The user selected the option to print a presentation in “pure black & white”; however, the printout was in gray scale. The user attempted various printers and different presentations, all producing the same result. Previous versions of PowerPoint had produced printouts in pure black & white before.

Issue: MS PowerPoint 2010 does not print in pure black & white

System: Windows 7 MS Office Professional 2010

Error Code: Not Applicable


     Our research for a resolution yielded two paths:

           1. Export the presentation to a pdf or xps and print that document.

           2. Apply the hotfix referenced in the link below.


             *This hotfix is specifically for PowerPoint.

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Date: March 28, 2011

Last week, a customer was unable to print from Excel, but he was able to print without issues from other applications. In this case, it was after a new network printer was installed. Additionally, the print job shows a string of commas in the name when the print job submission splash screen pops up.

Issue: Unable to print from Excel, but able to successfully print from other applications

System: Windows 7, MS Office 2010

Error Code: No error code given


  • Change default printer to another installed printer

  • Open Excel and do a test print to the new default printer, then close Excel

  • Open Printing Preferences (Start>Devices and Printers, Right-click printer, Printing Preferences)

  • Make note of custom printer settings

  • Set all options to Default and click Apply

  • Change any custom settings back as desired and click Apply and Ok

  • Change default printer back to the desired printer

  • Open Excel and try to print again

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