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What’s your definition of a “killer app?” For many business owners or facility managers, it’s that specialized piece of software that allows the business to perform its mission-critical tasks. You might be able to use such an application “off the shelf,” or you might even have to have a bespoke application created for your specific needs. Either way, once you’ve got that program installed onto your servers or workstations, you may have solved one challenge while opening up another huge question: Now that you have it, how do you manage it -- and why should leave those concerns to our Austin IT managed services team at Gravity Systems?

Your first worries might involve the installation itself. If you’re tasked with installing the application, you have to know how various preferences and settings might interact (or interfere) with the settings on your other applications. We can check to make sure that the application is set up to work properly with your current OS, network, and programs.

Once your application is up and running, will your employees know how to use it, or could they use some professional education on the subject? Our IT experts can help your workers get used to the application and avoid innocent errors that might cause even-more-confusing problems.

How will you protect your new application against hacking attempts, viruses, and other common security threats? You may need to select certain options that provide an extra degree of safety -- options that we can point out and implement. You’ll need to perform periodic security patches and updates, either manually or automatically. But don’t worry, because our Gravity systems professionals can take this essential task off of your hands.

A thing worth doing is worth doing right. Contact us to request assistance installing, setting up, and protecting your mission-critical application!