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Some SuperBowls are more exciting than others, but every team who gets there has what it takes to reach the top of the ladder. Can your business say the same about its technology? Let’s examine how your IT setup can help you come out on top against your competitors.

Want to Be Everywhere? Get on the Cloud

How expandable is your organization? Adopt the right combination of cloud-based collaborative platforms, remote desktop technology and mobile devices, and the whole world becomes your office. Even a very small business can use this technology to compete more successfully against the big boys. It’s like going from a short-yardage running game to a high-flying passing game.

Want Big Success? Make Use of Big Data

Size does sometimes matter in football -- and in IT. There’s a reason that major players like Amazon seem able to read their customers’ minds. It’s called big data, the combination of massive amounts of data and machine learning algorithms to create a highly lucrative form of artificial intelligence. But you don’t have to be Amazon to use this technology -- you can develop your own system at your own pace, moving gradually into one of the many machine-learning frameworks currently available. 

A Faster System Gets More Done

If you’re hobbled by aging servers, underpowered workstations, unreliable point-of-sale systems or spotty data transmission, it’s time to step up to a higher level of performance. Some new processors, extra memory, OS updates and higher-calibre Internet connectivity can all work together to help you get more work done in less time. It’s like adding an Olympic sprinter to your offense.

Even if you couldn’t care less about football, you probably care a lot about playing to win in the 2020 business world. Contact our Austin business IT support professionals today, and let’s make it happen!