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“If it ain't broke, don't fix it.” While this quaint old expression may apply to a process that doesn't need modifying, it sure doesn't work for the world of business technology. The smartest time to evaluate your IT system and make any incremental adjustments is before it can break, not after. Here are some thoughts on the subject from our Austin business IT support experts at Gravity Systems.

There are pretty much two approaches to IT maintenance that we see local businesses implementing: responsive and preventative. Some companies try to save money on periodic maintenance checks by simply not running those checks at all; instead, they wait for something to go wrong, and then they respond to it.

What's wrong with this picture? For one thing, a significant software/hardware/network failure means downtime – downtime that will probably cost your business more in lost productivity than you would have spent on preventative maintenance. Neglected issues may also cause subtle but progressive slowdowns in your IT system's efficiency. One component's failure may set off a daisy chain of other, even costlier failures. Last but not least, a security breach could expose you to data loss and/or legal liability.

Preventative maintenance has the opposite goal. instead of addressing crises that have already landed in your lap, you focus on keeping those crises from occurring. Gravity Systems' managed services makes it easier than ever to keep your data backed up, your software patched, your firewall updated, and your email spam-free. We'll also alert you when your hardware is getting long in the tooth, helping you upgrade and replace components before they let you down.

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