Today’s typical IT network resembles a many-headed hydra out of ancient mythology. Think about all the laptops, workstations, mobile phones, tablets, and other input devices your employees use to access your servers on a daily basis. As the number of these endpoints continues to grow, so do the potential risks your IT system -- and by extension, your business -- will face. That’s why you may need to consider adding unified endpoint management (UEM) to your system’s capabilities.

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What is unified endpoint management? Essentially, UEM serves as the next level up from ordinary mobile device and enterprise mobility management. You may already have such a system in place to help secure and standardize the features on the many mobile devices your employees maintain. Enterprise mobility management typically features centralized approved app catalogs, application monitoring functions, and remote device security controls (such as kill switches).


UEM scales this whole concept up to cover the scope of an entire IT department’s devices -- not just all the mobile devices in the mix, but also traditional in-house endpoints such as workstations. This approach has proven more important than ever before in today’s post-COVID world of the hybrid workplace. A UEM solution gives your business a single, integrated platform to manage all these functions, instead of the patchwork of separate solutions you might otherwise have to struggle with. It makes mobile device onboarding much faster and easier while giving everyone involved a uniform user experience. Perhaps most important of all, it allows supervisors to monitor everything from device inventory and usage to potential vulnerabilities that need fixing.

A variety of software companies that offer UEM solutions. But you’d better choose wisely the first time, because switching vendors down the road could prove both expensive and tough. Contact our Austin business IT team at Gravity Systems for expert advice and software selection!

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