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At the very least, the year 2020 served as a massive learning experience for many of us. From a new awareness of preventative hygiene practices to new strategies for remote work and communication, we’ve all had to adapt. Along the way, did you discover some unaddressed needs or challenges in your current IT setup? If so, maybe this is the perfect time to plug those gaps.

What are Digital Twins (4)

Remote work requirements spurred an enormous spike in computer sales -- and not just the Chromebooks that schoolchildren everywhere suddenly needed. Global PC sales went up by 13 percent, the biggest increase since 2010, as employees everywhere optimized their work-from-home setups. Did your employees struggle along with obsolete computers? If they bought new equipment, did they get the right specifications? Do those new computers have the necessary remote desktop and security settings? Take stock of who’s running what and how you might need to optimize those devices for safe, productive work.

Then there’s the software side of that equation. You need to make sure that your remote workers have the right applications and cloud platforms to make that remote work seamlessly productive instead of endlessly frustrating. Maybe it’s time to compare your current software
options against more capable or user-friendly alternatives.

What about your organization’s network? How well are your servers, Internet service, and network bandwidth holding up under the new normal of tele-meetings and cloud collaboration? If you or your team experienced troublesome shortcomings in these areas through most of 2020, you probably need to have your current setup evaluated in terms of your everyday needs and usage patterns.

Gravity Services can help you make 2021 a happier year for your IT system than 2020. Ask our Austin tech services experts to evaluate your technology and equip you with some powerful improvements!