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Should you consider maintaining a fleet of tablets for your employees to use? Let’s examine the pros and cons of maintaining a tablet-friendly workplace.

Pro: Tablets are good for productivity. A survey of IT decision makers showed that 81 percent of them felt that giving tablets to workers increased productivity -- in most cases, they saw a productivity boost of 20 percent or more.

Pro: They’re affordable. It costs less to equip a team with tablets than it would to supply the equivalent in desktop or laptop computers. If tablets are all your employees need, then you’ll save money by right-sizing your purchasing in this way. In a manufacturing or select service businesses, employees may not need a full computer.

Pro: They offer headache-free security. You can “lock down” a tablet so that its data will be safe from unauthorized personnel. Not only can our Austin IT support team configure your tablets to keep their local secure, but we can also set them up to be remote-wiped if they go missing.


Con: Tablets get lost. The smaller a piece of tech is, the easier it is to misplace it. Tablets are also easy for a dexterous thief to steal. Even if the data is secure, you still have to replace the lost item.

Con: There might not be an app for that. Does your company depend on certain types of proprietary or specialized software to get its business done? If so, you may find that those handy tablets aren’t so handy unless you invest in additional software conversions.

Not sure of your hardware needs? Contact our Austin IT business support team for advice!

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