Here at Gravity Systems, our Austin business tech support team has responded to plenty of trouble calls related to malware and hacking efforts over the years. If you’ve struggled with the problem in your own business, you may feel as if you’re constantly playing the world’s most dangerous game of Whack-A-Mole, with new bad actors popping up the moment others get brought under control. While no one likes being the bearer of bad news, we feel an obligation to make sure you know about the current state of the malware nation. Here are a few fresh threats to watch out for.

Twitter phishing - Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has resulted in several changes for that platform, including a new monthly fee for Twitter Blue users. Phishing agents have taken advantage of the confusion by posting phony messages urging users that they must log into their Twitter accounts ASAP to avoid account termination. The account holders then use their account data to log into a bogus screen that collects that data.


Data-stealing Meta apps - Meta is warning one million Facebook members that they’ve found hundreds of Mac and Android mobile apps that can steal Facebook users’ login credentials, make unauthorized financial charges, and make away with other key data. While Meta has reported these apps, others may still lurk undiscovered.

As you can see, you must always keep your company’s guard up against the ongoing dangers posed by these and other malware threats. That’s why you should entrust your technology’s security to our skilled, experienced technicians. We can set you up with the latest anti-malware protection options, show you how to educate your employees against those innocent-looking communications, and run automated software updates and data backups so you can stop worrying about missing a critical safeguard. Let’s talk!


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