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When you cast your mind back to childhood, you probably think of summertime as a blissful season free of school, tests, and homework. – or the drudgery of sitting through summer school classes. As unwelcome as those classes were, however, they could make all the difference between graduating with honors and flunking out. Your organization can also benefit by taking advantage of seasonal slowdowns to work on your IT procedures, procedures and equipment. Here are some ideas from our IT managed services team in Austin.

Get team members up to speed. If things are a little slow this summer, why not use that spare time to train your interns and/or new employees on the IT hardware and software they'll be using every day? At the same time, you can be bringing established team members up to speed on any new technologies or procedures you've recently adopted.

Give your IT system a checkup. If you're bracing yourself for a busy third and fourth quarter, maybe you'd better see if your IT system is up to the challenge. Our Austin IT support team can evaluate the state of your current system and discuss any upcoming enhancements you might want to make.

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Optimize your IT routines. Could you use more streamlined, efficient, and effective solutions for your backup, storage, or networking routines? Summer might be the perfect time to rethink your procedures or even add our remote managed services to your system.

Contact us if you need help turning those summer doldrums into exciting opportunities!

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