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The old expression, “March goes in like a lion and out like a lamb” may or may not be true in the unpredictable world of Central Texas weather, but the “lion” phase is definitely a concern for any company that relies on its IT system. Here are some springtime threats that may call for the help of your Austin tech support team at Gravity Systems.

  • Lightning - Electrical storms must surely count as one of the most dramatic IT dangers presented by spring storms. Even a modest lightning strike can send a violent surge of electricity through your wiring, passing through coax plugs, Ethernet cables, and other networking connections in the process. Unprotected computers can get fried, while data that isn’t updated may be lost forever.
  • Wind - Don’t forget about the power of wind to pull down power cables. If your power goes out for more than a moment, and you don’t have a backup plan ready to step in, you may find yourself sitting in the dark and/or sending everybody home until the electricity can be restored. If the cable running your one-and-only Internet connection goes down, you may lose the ability to work even if you still have power.
  • Rain -
    Does your facility sit near a flash-flood zone? A massive spring storm can dump a lot of water on and around your building in a matter of minutes. Even if you’re elevated, a flooded sewer system can burst plumbing pipes, allowing water to run wild. If your IT hardware gets flooded, it can either short-circuit on the spot or suffer serious damage from impurities in the water.

Gravity Systems can help you “spring-proof” your IT system. We can install UPS devices for emergency power, automated backup services for your data, and even new hardware to replace damaged devices. Contact us to learn more!