Unique IT Challenges Faced by Healthcare Organizations

Today’s healthcare organizations make heavy use of information technology to deliver the right care as efficiently as possible. If you operate or manage such an organization, take note of the following IT concerns that directly affect the healthcare industry.

HIPAA compliance - HIPAA compliance casts a huge shadow over any responsible healthcare organization. This federal law enforces strict rules regarding the sharing and use of patient information, with breaches of patient confidentiality often leading to massive fines. These rules require healthcare providers to place extra emphasis on their IT network security systems and practices.

Data security and integrity - In addition to concerns over patient privacy and confidentiality, healthcare organizations must worry about possible attacks on the data itself and the systems that work with them. In the worst-case scenario, a ransomware attack can effectively lock down or wipe out your entire collection of data. But any vulnerability that allows hackers to manipulate patients records or other data can make that information’s trustworthiness suspect.


BYOD - Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) may be a popular policy for employees in countless workplaces, but it can pose some serious headaches in a healthcare industry that prizes data security. When you think about how many devices might be involved in an extended network of healthcare companies and providers, you can see how many potential failure points these devices can add to the picture. You should either establish strong, effective BYOD security safeguards or stick to properly maintained company-issued devices.

Telemedicine - Telemedicine can make access to primary care easier for countless people who live far from healthcare facilities and/or aren’t mobile enough to go to a doctor’s office. However, the technologies involved can challenge your facility’s IT infrastructure, telecommunications equipment, and Internet bandwidth.


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