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Many computer users have their personal and/or financial information exposed to potential bad guys each year -- and some of the most disturbing incidents occur on social media platforms. You may recall that Facebook exposed millions of user records last April, for instance. More recently, a vulnerability that could potentially be exploited was found in Twitter’s Android app (and corrected in an update). 

How can you protect your company data against these kinds of social media mishaps? Here are some tips from our Austin IT support team at Gravity Systems.

  • Perform regular updates and patches. Did your business team install the Twitter for Android update that closed the potential breach in that app? Always keep the apps on your mobile devices equipped with the latest software updates to keep them more secure against vulnerabilities. While you’re at it, keep patching those servers and workstations!
  • Keep changing those passwords. Make sure that your team members are regularly changing their social media account passwords, with or without the aid of a password manager. This will help to keep the account data safer in the event that a social media platform breach does occur. (Don’t forget to delete passwords and other account data used by former employees.)
  • Have a risk management strategy. What’s your established plan in response to a social media breach that steals your data, exposes passwords, or otherwise impacts your organization? Develop a detailed social media risk management strategy that covers various contingencies.
  • Keep your employees in the know (and accountable). Educate all incoming and current employees on smart data security and social media usage practices. Create a company policy for these practices, requiring all employees to read it and sign off on it.

Social media is a fact of life in today’s business world, so use it as safely and intelligently as possible. Learn more by talking to our Austin IT business team at Gravity Systems!