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Trusting the management of your IT infrastructure to a managed service provider brings a number of advantages.  Managed service providers offer professional capabilities in guiding, building, and maintaining business information systems and networks.  When you start relationship with a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you can rest assured your critical business data and expensive infrastructure are in expert hands.

Who are the Managed Service Providers?

Managed Service Providers are companies that specialize in the architecture, monitoring, and maintenance of the Information Technology network and equipment that your company uses on a day-to-day basis to power its business operations. Instead of committing your internal employees to manage this infrastructure, you can outsource this function to a MSP.  Managed Service Providers have expert staff in-house and can scale resources as needed to complete your projects and maintain your networks. Typically, new MSP customers find that they are relieved of the headache of overseeing IT management and can use the timer and resources previously allocated to IT to further the main interests of the business. Managed Service Providers offer their services to small, medium and even large companies.


What do the managed service providers do?

  • Managed Service Providers provide a variety of services. They do network management, VPN management, IP telephony, call center management and configuration of security of these networks including installation and maintenance of firewalls.
  • They also integrate the company’s data network with cloud storage.  This can be a function of backup and/or external data connectivity.
  • They provide hosting services for websites, servers, and even host data centers. They also provide configurations and maintenance services for the servers and data centers.
  • They manage local IT equipment like desktops, laptops, servers, printers, fax machines etc.
  • They maintain and upgrade operating systems, application software, and middleware.
  • Nearly every managed service provider monitors the networks remotely and provides highly responsive mitigation to alerts and down-time.
  • They can offer data backup services whereby they back up the critical data of their clients onto remote servers. In case of any problems or disaster, they can restore this backup to the servers quickly and ensure that the business can continue operation with minimal interruption.
  • They perform upgrades and maintenance on the infrastructure.


With a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, the service providers are comfortable in providing such services.  Are you looking for a great MSP?  Give us a call here at Gravity Systems, and we will help craft a plan that will help you meet your IT goals. 

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