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Do you remember the Heartbleed “bug?” Our Austin business IT support techs here at Gravity systems sure do. That little bit of code exposed millions of online accounts to scam artists, creating enormous problems for individuals and businesses alike. But Heartbleed didn’t exist in a bubble; as we’ve related in previous posts, new malware concoctions attack computers year after year. You’ve got to set your IT system up with the proper barricades against these evil operators – and that means implementing two-factor authentication, or 2FA. It’s not only good sense; it’s also a requirement in many cyber insurance policies.

2FA, puts up a second wall between your network and the bad guys, as opposed to relying completely on user passwords. The tech world actually recognizes three basic categories of factors for authentication. A user password counts as the first factor; it’s (hopefully) a piece of information that only the authorized user would know. A security question such as the name of your first pet also belongs in this category. Another factor might involve something you own. For example, the person gaining entry might need to respond to a smartphone text message to confirm their identity on a personal device.

In addition to something you know and something you own, you have the option of another factor for authentication: something you are, in the form of biometrics. If your smartphone or laptop came with a fingerprint scanner, then you’re already familiar with the technology involved and how it works to help protect your data. For 2FA, you can employ any two of these three factors. Better yet, you can graduate to multi-factor authentication and require all three forms of ID.


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