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Mobile devices can turn the whole world into your workplace. Sales reps, technicians, and CEOs alike can all conduct their necessary business from any location that permits a data connection. This freedom, however, also opens the door to some serious risks. Here are some important steps you need to take before you send your team out into the field with their mobile technology.


  • Communicate your mobile device policies

    Do you have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, or will you insist on your team using only company devices for company business? What counts as business usage and what counts as personal usage in your eyes? What kinds of data are your employees allowed to share, and what kinds of sites are they permitted to access? Establish a firm, clear mobile device policy, and make sure everyone on your team has agreed to obey it.
  • Add the necessary software/network safeguards

    Whether your employees are using their own devices or your own company devices, make sure those devices are equipped with the proper safeguards, from password protection to VPN (Virtual Private Network) software. You should also add some sort of kill switch that allows you to lock a lost/stolen device or delete its data remotely.
  • Teach your employees how to connect safely

    All the security measures in the world will be useless if your employees don’t know how to make proper use of them. Train your team members on how to create and use strong password protections. Show them how to use their VPN apps, how to identify SSL websites, and how to watch out for spoofing or other hacking attempts.

Going mobile can do wonders for your organization’s productivity, but only if you do it wisely. Ask our Austin IT support team at Gravity Systems to help you get started