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The arrival of a new year is a natural milestone for launching new business initiatives and taking your enterprise to the next level. Is your IT system ready to accommodate these ambitions? Now is the perfect time to develop some concrete plans for expanding your technologies as needed, both for your short-term goals and for long-term future growth. To do this, you’ll want to engage the expertise of our Austin business IT support team at Gravity Systems.

How does business expansion affect IT system growth? For starters, ask yourself whether your facility plans on serving more customers or moving more products. You might need extra banks of cashier stations, service kiosks, reference computers or in-store displays. Your existing servers and workstations may require larger drives or additional memory. Our team can sit down with you, discuss your long-term goals, and work out a plan to build these extra capabilities into your upgraded IT system.

What if your plans involve expanding into multiple locations? Now you have to think about how to connect all of these sites so that all of their data can be coordinated and shared. It could be the ideal time to make the move to the cloud. We can give you a virtual server that makes multi-point data sharing a snap. We may also suggest a WiFi setup that permits you to connect an ever-increasing number of devices in a single location (without stringing miles of extra cable and purchasing multiple hardware routers).

For some organizations, the ultimate level of expansion includes nationwide or global telecommuting options. We can set up a cloud-based project collaboration environment that allows you to make use of the best talent in any and every location, in unlimited numbers.

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