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No doubt about it: Things are tough all over. As inflation takes its toll on consumers and businesses alike, belt-tightening has become the order of the day. But if you’re thinking about sitting tight and waiting for the economic storm to blow over before replacing or upgrading your IT system hardware, you might want to think twice. 2022 might turn out to be the smartest year to make those investments despite everything.


Why should you go ahead and purchase your hardware now? Quite simply, the global tech sector expects a major hike in semiconductor prices. The supply chain and manufacturing challenges which began during the pandemic have continued, while chip makers struggle to increase production and the cost of raw materials has risen. As a result of this perfect storm of troubles, major manufacturers such as TSMC, Qualcomm, Marvell, and Intel have all announced electronics price hikes in 2023. This unwelcome news, combined with the other economic pressures affecting every segment of the consumer and business world, will make computer hardware both pricier and harder to find next year.


Steps are underway to improve the situation, but expect these changes to take time. The CHIPS and Science Act recently signed into law will supply billions of dollars in aid to the U.S. semiconductor industry in an effort to reduce American dependence on foreign chips. Unfortunately, the details of this package and its administration have yet to be hammered out. Even when the money starts flowing to the right people, it may take years to see practical results.


Fortunately, you can still get some pretty terrific hardware right now, especially when you enlist the help of Gravity Systems. Contact our Austin business tech support team so we can evaluate your needs, recommend cost-effective options, and help you get the gear you need right now.