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Where do you get the hardware and software that keeps your IT system going? Putting together your ideal IT system involves more than just buying parts and programs on an ad hoc basis. That’s why you need a VAR (value added reseller) -- and why you should make Gravity Systems your VAR of choice.

A value added reseller sells third-party products as integrated solutions tailored to individual customers’ needs. When you make use of a VAR for your IT needs, you get a turnkey provider who can fit your system with whatever replacements or modifications it may require. You can use your VAR to help you construct a whole new IT system from scratch, or as an ongoing source of parts, updates, and upgrades.

Why does it make so much sense to go the VAR route instead of making separate purchases from individual retailers or wholesalers? For one thing, those individual providers aren’t really in the business of helping you address your holistic IT needs; they’re just fulfilling your order for this or that item, with no further thought on the subject. 

By contrast, the VAR acts as a kind of concierge service. The value you get from your value added reseller includes a heightened degree of knowledge, care, and attention regarding your technological challenges and goals. 

That’s what you get when you take advantage of Gravity System’s VAR offerings.


We get to know your IT system in detail, discuss your plans and strategies, and recommend just the right combinations of software and hardware to help you thrive. We also make sure you’re getting the best value from high-quality choices offered at competitive prices.

Are you ready to start buying your IT products in a way that actually enhances your organization’s cost effectiveness and productivity? Contact our Austin IT support experts today!