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Your IT system’s efficiency depends heavily on how well your network performs. If data cannot move smoothly, quickly, and dependably among your servers, workstations, and connections, you will encounter some serious (and frustrating) productivity bottlenecks. But what measuring sticks or benchmarks can reveal whether you have a speedy network or a sluggish one? Here are some key measures that our Austin IT business support technicians take into account.

Physical Health Assessment (1)

● Bandwidth: Bandwidth is a measure of the absolute (theoretical) maximum data-transmission capacity of your network within X amount of time.

● Throughput: Throughput represents the actual reality of your system’s current data-transmission capacities and speeds, as opposed to the ideal numbers represented by bandwidth.

● Latency: Latency is a measure of the delay between a data request and the completed delivery of that data. Suh delays can be too subtle for you to detect without monitoring equipment, but they can add up to sluggish overall performance or point toward some underlying problem.

● Packet loss and re-transmission: Data flows a digital network in tiny pieces called packets, which are assembled into their final form at the receiving end. Packet loss measures how many packets your network’s dropping during transmission. Re- transmission measures how often packet loss occurs and how long it takes the system to resend the dropped packets.

● Uptime: When your network goes down, so does your organization’s ability to function. Monitoring can reveal when, how often, and how long your network becomes unavailable.

● Connectivity: A failure at any connection point in your network can cause a drastic decrease in the network’s overall performance. Malware, hardware failures, and other issues can cause measurable connectivity problems.

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