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As COVID-19 continues its rampage, a ray of hope has appeared in the form of vaccines that appear to offer strong protection against the virus. Some people have already received a COVID vaccination, with millions of more to follow in the coming months. While an armful of various vaccines won’t magically insulate you against all forms of illness, it should keep you safe against the specific types of germs those vaccines are designed to block. While you and your business teammates protect yourselves, however, you should also take steps to “vaccinate” your IT system against malware.

Hail Season_ A Reminder to Storm-Proof Your IT System (3)

Why is malware protection for machines similar to vaccination of humans or animals? For one thing, computer viruses, ransomware, and other malware programs can enter an IT system through perfectly non-alarming means by posing as innocent links or apps, just as germs can
contaminate ordinary “healthy” foods or other harmless items. Once either kind of assailant has gained entrance, it can disrupt its host’s normal operations and do considerable, possibly irreparable damage.

The immune system can fight back against germs only after it recognizes those germs well enough to manufacture antibodies against them. Vaccines made from non-harmful versions of those germs can simulate the enemy, giving the immune system what it needs to start creating the appropriate antibodies. By keeping your anti-malware protection up to date, you’re ensuring that your IT system always knows how to identify and guard against the latest threats to your
precious data.

That’s why it makes good sense to leave your data security to the Austin IT managed system experts at Gravity Systems. We can equip you with strong firewalls, password-protection technology, and constant, automated security updates, and other essential protection against the bad guys. Contact us today so we can preserve your IT system’s health!