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When we talk on this blog about viruses impeding business processes and hurting your productivity, we usually refer to computer viruses. But as the recent cancellation of SXSW due to the coronavirus has amply demonstrated, biological viruses can also prove devastating -- not just to people, but also to organizations. 

Even an ordinary flu bug can grind your business to a temporary halt if employees are too sick, or too worried about their health, to report to the workplace. Fortunately, you can keep getting things done as long as you’re making use of modern telecommuting technologies. Here are some tools and techniques you can employ to help your team stay productive from the comfort and safety of their homes.

  • Video conferencing software -

    Today it’s easier than even to join a video conference using the built-in capabilities of a smartphone or PC. Add the right software to make this procedure properly seamless for all participants, and you’re on your way to multipoint meetings.
  • Cloud-based drives and data-sharing platforms -

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    Today’s cloud platforms and virtual collaboration programs let employees share both a digital project space and individual files/folders for smooth remote teamwork. 
  • Remote desktops -

    Working from a central cloud server is fine, but what if your employees keep important files and folders on their own individual workstations? Don’t worry; they can still gain access to these files with the aid of a remote desktop program.
  • Pervasive computing -

    Your employees may need to access your virtual workplace from various types of devices. Our Austin IT business support experts can set you up with the right technologies to provide your team with a pervasive computing experience in which they can access the data they need from just about any device.

In our next article, we’ll discuss the smart way to deploy your telecommuting plan. Stay tuned!