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As a savvy and forward-thinking business manager, you have integrated a computer network and systems into your business.  Now, you need a professional team to manage these systems and keep them running in top shape.  There is a lot to consider when choosing your business computer support company.  The Common IT Questions blog series looks at the benefits and disadvantages of remote-only support.

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Commonly Asked Question:

The IT providers I have looked into are mostly out of the area and remote in from an unknown location.  What are the pros and cons with this model?

Gravity Systems Response:

We started running into this a lot in our Phoenix office.  Basically, some providers do not want to go on-site.   They have good reasons that this model works for them, but for most customers, it is not a satisfactory model.  The Pro is typically lower cost.  The Con is typically poor customer service.  While we, and most IT providers today, do provide remote support, it is not sufficient when there is a hardware issue or other task that needs to be performed “on-site”.  


If you would like further information on any of these questions or others you have, please let us know. Gravity Systems will be happy to look into your network and computer systems and help you every way we can.


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