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Outsourcing has become the new normal for all kinds of businesses, from small startups who can’t maintain a sizable in-house staff to large enterprises who prefer to share the distribution of labor. One popular option involves engaging an outsourced CIO (Chief Information Officer) instead of hiring this executive-level talent on a permanent basis. Let;s examine the benefits of an outsourced CIO arrangement -- and how you can obtain the equivalent of this expertise from our Austin IT managed services team.

The CIO at an organization handles the planning, implementation, and management of that organization’s IT system and functions. The CIO develops long-term technological strategies that support the organization’s growth, expansion, and everyday tasks. This professional also reacts to changing trends and addresses unanticipated issues that may threaten productivity or profitability.

Benefits of Outsourced CIO Services (1)

Why might you outsource this key role? Well, you may have a very young or small company that lacks the budget or industry clout to bring a permanent CIO on board. Or your company may have recently lost its CIO and needs to fill that talent and knowledge gap quickly and efficiently. Maybe you don’t need an actual CIO at all, but you do need an experienced strategist who can help you build your IT department.


Here at Gravity Systems, we can provide that level of expertise for your company through our IT consulting services. We regularly get called in to create entire IT systems from scratch, based on detailed discussions with our clients about their goals, needs, capabilities, and challenges. We then lend our technological experience and insights to whatever ongoing course changes your IT department might need to take.


If you’d like the advantages of CIO-level knowledge and skill without actually having to support your own CIO on the payroll, contact us today. We can help you create your technological future!