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The COVID-19 outbreak has affected some businesses more than others. Essential businesses (including our Austin IT business support company) have remained open, while many non-essential businesses are starting to reopen in accordance with state and city policies. If you’ve been running at least some of your business operations through virtual conferences and work-from-home arrangements, you might be getting ready to welcome at least of your employees back to the office. Even so, here are some solid reasons to keep those virtual work technologies firmly in place.

Businesses are rethinking their post-pandemic work practices.

Companies around the world have reconsidered the wisdom of packing hundreds or thousands of workers together in enormous skyscrapers and other businesses. Maintaining a leaner in-facility work complement could help reduce the risk of disease transmission, not only for COVID-19 but in general.

You may be enjoying greater efficiency and productivity.

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Sure, you may have found it awkward at first to retool for a largely virtual workplace. But on the other hand, think about the benefits of employees never having to report to work late due to traffic jams or working less efficiently due to commuter stress and exhaustion.

This crisis might not be the last one you face.

Whether COVID-19 returns or some other disaster raises its ugly head, you now have a system in place for continuing to work through it. Don’t mothball that system the minute things start to look brighter; keep making use of it, at least to some degree, so that you and your team are always ready for anything.

Gravity Systems can provide ongoing advice and services to help you maintain your virtual workplace technologies, from selecting the best connectivity options for your needs to setting up new collaborative work capabilities. Contact us today and let’s talk about it!

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