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Have you hesitated to engage the outsourced IT help you clearly need? Before you outsource your technology support to an Austin IT managed services provider, you need to know that you’ve selected the right provider for your particular goals, concerns, and expectations. Here are some considerations to help you narrow down your choice, courtesy of your friends at Gravity Systems.

Access to support - Can you reach your IT managed services provider in multiple ways (phone, email, etc.)? Do you have a means of submitting a help request online? The more access you have to your provider, the more quickly and easily you can get any technical issues resolved.

Security -

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How secure will your data and network be in the hands of your IT managed services provider? Find out what steps and strategies the provider uses to maintain end-to-end security, from firewalls and encryption to remote data storage. Ask whether your provider has a disaster recovery plan for lost, damaged, or hijacked data.

Flexible service packages - Today’s small business can become tomorrow’s giants. Will your IT managed services provider be able to provide different scales of service to accommodate your growth and development as a company? Scalability and flexibility are major considerations if you want to maintain a relationship with the same managed services provider for many years to come.

Reputation and experience - You need to know that your IT managed services provider has served many highly-satisfied clients for a long time, with a demonstrated track record of expertise and experience as well as a sterling reputation in the community. Here at Gravity Systems, we’ve served Austin organizations since 1997, and many of our clients are long-time customers.

Knowing the right questions to ask -- and then asking them -- can help you feel more confident about your chosen managed IT service provider. Start by contacting our team today!

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