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tablets uses Gravit Systems 1 resized 600When Apple released the iPad, little did it know that this device would transform businesses dramatically in the same manner that it transformed personal entertainment? 

This handy device is a great entertainment tool and has proven itself to be of benefit to small businesses as well. Many restaurants have started using it as an interactive menu and for gathering immediate customer feedback. Professionals are using it as a handy replacement of their laptop. Now that the tablet floodgates are open, many manufacturers such as Dell, HP and Microsoft have come out with tablets that are not only hand, but are also powerful enough to run real business applications. 

Following are some innovative ways small businesses are using tablet technology.  


Carry them to workshops

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Workshops, conventions, and trade fairs are excellent places for networking. Instead of sitting at a desk or table with a laptop, many professionals prefer to be mobile. Tablets allow the business person to easily travel to different events and sessions without the hassle of lugging power cords and adapters.  We are starting to see a trend where mobile sales people and tradespeople are using small tablets for their main presentation devices.  Dell even has a tablet paired with a small portable projector for this purpose.  


Increase your productivity on a flight

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Travelling can be boring, but tablets can help keep you entertained and productive. Netbooks and laptops may also work but they add to the weight that you are carrying around the airport. Most airlines have also recently redesigned their seats making it hard to work comfortably on your laptops or even open the screen all the way!


 To maintain productivity during the flight, tablets may be a better option. These compact devices cause little inconvenience to other passengers, and are easy to travel with.  Additionally, most airlines now let you keep tablets out during take-off and landing.  

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Being mobile is very much a necessity in the modern business world.  Tablets can become a key component in your IT infrastructure.  Although they may not be ideal for replacing a traditional desktop for most people, they can be excellent supplemental services that can increase your productivity when out of the office.

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