GS MainPic 1 resized 600Gravity systems provides your enterprise with advanced Managed IT services. We offer technological support. We have powerful anti-spam solutions as well as solutions for data back up. Our company keeps in view all of your needs and that’s how we shape our plans and solutions so that you may get the maximum benefit.


The way you approach Managed IT services.

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Here we focus on how you should view Managed IT Services. Managed IT services’ objective is to provide you with enough time so that you can have more time to spend on your business. Keeping in view the functions for which you are outsourcing is the most important. Managed IT services are connected to IT complexity and they are used to develop a highly wired digital world that is very finely connected. As per today’s demands, gateway services as well as application management are also included by managed service providers. They have also adopted hosting and unified communication. So whenever you intend to hire a managed service provider, you should approach it with all these mentioned things in mind.


Managed IT services doesn’t have to be hard

Some concerns are circulating around because this service is not widely demonstrated yet but it is a lot more easier. Also the main problem is to make a transition from your old technology to Managed IT services. Gravity Systems has made it easier now. We have man-power with smart brains and they can do it in an easy way. You have to count the total number of PCs and we’ll set the price that way.


How to use Managed IT services to desire

Clients’ needs are the most important when it comes to how to use managed services. Gravity systems keeps in knowledge the workflow of our customers’ businesses. Better knowledge of the sufferings of your customers lands you in better view of the services you need to offer. In this way Gravity systems’ services are more targeted.


Managed Services’ types for better IT security

It has several types. Breach testing is used to test any sort of breach if your system is exposed to hacking attacks or other system failures. In managing perimeters, we use firewalls and Virtual Private Networks to manage your security. Then we have distant monitoring system. Tracking any kind of unauthorized action on the network and analysis of security trends are important features of Distant Monitoring. Distant Compliance Monitoring is used to scan the company’s network and identify the changes that do not meet up company’s policies.


Best Managed IT Services in Austin, Texas by Gravity Systems.

Gravity systems gives you a wonderful offer. You don’t need to have an IT department to acquire Managed IT services. Our company has served in Austin since 1997. Whatever you need—be it technological support or anti-spam—Gravity Systems has everything. We are the first choice of business people who desire to upgrade their system.


Techniques to Improve Managed IT Services

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Useful tips on how to improve managed IT services and IT support.

  • Developing customer profiles: Here the key points to be considered are: Accumulate details about customers’ common characteristics and then target alike customers for candidacy.
  • Effective marketing collateral
  • Development of ‘perfect customer’ criteria: This is one of the most important for marketing purposes.
  • Simplicity in the language of T’s and C’s: Your contracts, terms and agreements should have simple language that can be understood by customers.
  • Prospecting must be disciplined and focused.
  • Development of customer case studies: You should develop customer case studies as well as testimonials giving your happy customers at least something in return.
  • Never hesitate to hire ‘green’ sales people
  • Upselling more often: you should talk about your total solution doing it consistently.
  • Building up your brand: do not rely on vendors for promoting. Vendor brands do not have as much importance as your brand has.
  • Stress on value added services: Customers don’t bother about Saas, utility, cloud and HaaS so talk only of your value leaving other things aside.


The Way You Approach Managed It Services

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Managed services spares you enough time so that you may focus on your business as managed services keep in view that you have to respond to customer demands.

A change is being observed in managed network services. IT leaders, in order to get optimum value, need to reassess their sourcing strategies. Managed security services are about IT complexity and a highly connected digital world. The old view that a service provider can only be used for managing enterprise WAN services and access links does not exist now.

Today’s enterprise’s demands are more now. That’s why providers have included new aspects like gateway services and application management. Moreover unified communication as a service as well as hosting is also adopted by the service providers.

Due to the developing financial pressure, companies have to minimize the cost of operations and streamline efficiency. More than 20 % of companies and organizations have started to store sensitive data of their customers. Hence enterprises have a need to hire a managed service provider that could meet these needs. But this is also a fact that only a few of managed services providers have acquired efficiency for end-to-end services.

On sourcing a provider, an enterprise should keep in view its purpose for outsourcing and must re-evaluate about the provider to be used further on with the evolution of the market. Ideal provider must encompass applications, network security, voice gateway. It must be able to manage internet gateway, WAN optimization, remote access and IP virtual Private network gateways.

Enterprises can start with a thorough re-examination of network cost. Negotiation with managed services is a must in order to keep the rates as per market based. While steps should be taken to optimize network costs & IT support Austin. It can be done by refining souring of networks as well as designs.


Managed It Services Doesn't Have To Be Hard

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Office dealers can have a new wave of opportunity that is nothing else than Managed IT Services.

Everyone is curious about it but they are hesitating to buy it. There are some concerns because it is a new service. It is also a truth that dealers have left behind in making big transitions in the past from analog to digital, monochrome to colour etc.

So adopting managed IT services is not as hard as you think. Now when there is a plenty of resources that can help you in transferring your office technology and complete the transition.

Transition is not all frightening as dealers have IT expertise. People can’t introduce a new service for their clients if they don’t know all about it. They want to be certain of its features thoroughly. They can’t just take the risk of introducing a service which is new and has not been frequently demonstrated by them. While another important point is that a critical mass is imperative to have a successful Managed IT services operation and IT support austin.

We have lots of smart people who can guide you further on to Managed Services. Dealers should not worry about starting the process. It is much easier. Begin with desktop support that you are providing them already. You may offer your customers server upgrades as our engineers can support on this project. Dealer has to count the number of PCs and we’ll price it in that way. So it gets easier to take the client into confidence.

You may take a start with a partner and key customers, and develop the business. You don’t need to invest heavy money to acquire these services. There are people who can help with a minor twist. Managed IT Services is an essential tool and you must have it to provide to your customers.


Take Advantage Of Managed It Services

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Managed services have been provided to business customers for broadband connections and IP communications for years. Service providers have also provided services for VPNs, security services and IP communications. Only small businesses are attracted to these services because they do not usually have IT providers, dedicated to the purpose. On the other hand, big businesses have a set of IT staff, dedicated for the purpose. They only purchase broadband connections.

Big business people have realized by now that IT staff can be used to improve profits in lots of ways.


Managed services can prove feasible and inexpensive:

For example: a mediocre sized financial services firm that has 2000 employees. About 1000 of them work at the headquarters. The remaining 1000 employees have been distributed across 49 sub-offices. The ratio being 20 employees per office. These are called small branch offices having one financial assistant in each of them but no IT capabilities at all. Solution of managed services brings headquarters-style applications. It also gives security that all the applications as well as network run in a correct error-free way. But if you don’t have a managed services solution, you will suffer along fixing problems.

In this scenario firewalls and VPN sites cost much to the enterprise if you try to manage them. The cost is higher because of the number of network elements as compared to the number of employees. Financial Services Company has the option to reduce the costs by 40 percent or more just by shifting itself to managed services.

It shows the advantages and benefits you get from managed services in the branch-office environment. As these offices have smaller number of employees, IT resources cannot be kept in each one of them. These are also at remote locations hence traveling will cost much in case if done to resolve the issue. IT support Austin and managed services have great advantage over other means for these kind of businessmen.


How To Use Managed It Services To Desire

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Service as well as technology seems to influence the customers who look to hire a managed print service provider. These findings are from an October IDC presentation and are given by Holly Muscolino.

Several factors are surfaced that compel customers to search for a managed print service provider. The factor at the top is that there is always a need to update the aging fleet of printers, optimization of employees-to-devices ratio and urge to lessen the number of brands, contracts and leases. The factors with less importance are that there is a desire to get a good control of expanses, poor service from provider. A need to outsource services increasing employee productivity is also included in the list of lesser factors.

It was revealed by IDC that customers’ common needs were design services, assessment and strategies for optimization and IT support austin. ‘Win factors’ that are the most commonly cited for providers are flexible contract terms, appropriate and favourable pricing. Another most important win factor is the consistent relationship with the provider. An existing relationship between a customer and the service provider was considered to be a ‘win factor’ and at the same time poor service was thought to be the reason behind firing an official.

Service providers were advised to make out a prospect’s key decision drivers and mold the way of their proposals as well as communications according to them. Detailed phases of assessment and proactive innovation play a great role in the initial steps of a managed print services relationship. Figuring out the fit offerings in order to suit a client’s needs can help in understanding the ‘change’ anxieties.
Having knowledge of the business workflow of customers is important. If you spend time to get knowledge about the pain and sufferings your customers have to experience, you get a better idea to offer better services that are at the same time more targeted too.


Managed Services’ Types for Better IT Security

Managed security services is one of the functions that play important role in helping your business to decrease its costs. It can be simply referred to as managed security. By many different ways, you can use it to develop a strong computing environment.

Breach testing:

To check out for the weaknesses in a system, this function uses software scans as well as simulated hacking attacks. In this way a company’s network and its information assets can be secured better with additional and advanced software systems as well as hardware systems. It focuses on the tendency of outsiders to crawl into your system without proper authorization.

Breach testing can be done for one time. But over time IT companies seeks to adopt a strong approach involving occasional testing by using remote access just to have an improved picture of the capabilities and flaws of the network.

Managing Perimeters:

In this type of service, firewalls , Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) as well as intrusion detection systems are used to managed security. They are installed and upgraded.

Distant monitoring:

The term ‘Distant or remote monitoring’ comes to mind of people who hear the term ‘managed security’. Distant monitoring is done on a regular basis. It is used to keep track record of system events and explain them to make out if any sort of risk is posed by them to the company’s information systems and data.

It involves tracking the unauthorized actions on the network and in-bound connections that may have tendency of hacking attempts. It also analyzes security trends that develop in the system. In this way troublesome designs can be pointed out and quickly remediated.

Distant Compliance Monitoring:

IT services that provide IT support Austin managed security also has in their domain the distant compliance monitoring. Its purpose is to scan the company’s network to keep in view the changes so that the changes that do not meet up with the company’s official policies will be flagged by the software.


Best Managed IT Services in Austin, Taxes by Gravity Systems

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Gravity systems provides you with benefits of a high class IT department. And that’s without having an IT department. You can have all services combined in one.

It doesn’t matter if the company is small. It can have the required technological resources that are needed to focus on both regular growth and productivity. And Gravity Systems has already proved it. It has served business technology needs of Austin since 1997. Gravity systems can cover up software and hardware installation that is fast and less painful. In case you need continuous technological support, powerful anti-spam or solutions for data backup, Gravity Systems can encompass the whole.

You may have a complete IT setup if you want to set up a new office and have it running in a short time. Gravity systems can convert your office building into a wired place where you can start work immediately. This work place will have internet connectivity, workstations as well as web-hosting. We can also add file-servers, network printing and email. Just as everything you need and it would work in a perfect way right from the start.

Gravity Systems is the best choice for businessmen who want to upgrade their companies. If you want to expand the network of your office or provide work-from-home solutions for the employees Gravity Systems can help you out. We provide anti-spam technology and secure off-site backup solutions and IT support austin in order to provide you maximum protection from any sort of catastrophe. We shall help decrease your pains that are caused by expanding of your organization.

Troubleshooting is also one of our specialties. Never panic if your computer is not working or you are facing problem with Microsoft network or you need networking support. Contact Gravity Systems can provide you with quality services at a discount rate.

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