You might have heard about a certain service called cloud computing. A computer or a group of hardware machines act as a source of resource and information to all the subsequent computers, persons, mobile devices etc, which can be accessed by all the connected network simultaneously. 


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The above image shows you the things that can be accessed from a cloud computing server. It consists of databases which acts a source of information to all the employees. Computing devices can be connected physically and wirelessly.


 Any manager at a company should ensure that all the files required to process a particular operation needs to have the right files. For this the company may finance for buying all the computers. And it may also get him the required software and its licence. But can you imagine how much money that would be for huge companies? With so many employees, the money spent on software and its licence will be exorbitant. So for this there’s now an alternative. Instead of installing enormous number of software to all the systems and licence them individually, you can now load just one application that allows users to access files from a web based server which allows them to upload and download data. This new service is called cloud computing. This way, there is no need of mailing each file, and if any file misses, there is no need to do the process all over again. With the invention of cloud computing, sharing resources and processing operations has become faster and better.



IT Support Austin Cloud

The different benefits from cloud computing can be seen from the image and it summarises what is need to be understood. Elasticity and stability. Cost model, robustness etc.

The various features of cloud computing has been included in the above image and is easy to understand and comprehend.



The different types of cloud computing involves infrastructure, platform, business process etc. When it comes to huge file transfer or complex applications, the local computer has to bear all the heavy work. But with cloud computing, this process is reversed as the network, which is made up of more than one computer has to do all the heavy lifting. The demands of the local computer decreases (both software and hardware). However, the role of the local computer is still crucial as it has to run the interface software of the cloud computing system. This is comparatively a simple program like running a simple executable program, like any web browser.

The different sector of business can be benefitted from cloud computing in a numerous way. These are categorised in the following image to make the whole concept very clear.



As Shown in the figure, there are numerous benefits of cloud computing since its oud innovation. The above image explains in breief the important advantages of cloud computing.

So, the basic advantage would be the transparency of the data transfer and sharing. Managing resources becomes much easier compared to the previous method of using software clients. The data is more readily available. It can be edited accordingly and uploaded immediately, This way, the subsequent process can be updated.

Almost all big corporations use cloud computing now. So the demand for providing these services without bug fixes and impeccable service is raising. This is where GravityUSA- IT Support Austin comes in. They analyse the detailed expectations of your company, what kind of cloud computing is required and so on. The term cloud computing may mean that the server should be accessible all over the world, that’s the point. But the need for minimising the accessible locations becomes necessary especially in the newly set up companies. If the company is established over a state, then cloud computing can be minimised to only that state. All this depends on your companies requirement. And GravitySystems USA – IT Support Austin are known to provide complete and satiable IT solutions including cloud computing.



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