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Network Services

Gravity Systems provides a wide range of networking and computer related services for small to medium-sized companies. Reduce downtime, stress, and confusion by letting us handle 100% of your IT needs.

Our services include:


If your various departments and employees need shared access to documents, you need a network that brings the entire company to their fingertips quickly and efficiently. But sloppy, improperly configured network creates headaches instead of harmony – and that’s when it’s time to apply the force of Gravity. Gravity Systems can install, configure and maintain your LAN (Local Area Network) so your authorized personnel are always just a click away from that important info.


You may already know that a firewall essentially keeps the bad guys from hacking their way into your computer systems. What you may not know is that these critical security tools have developed far beyond the simple little “plug-and-play” toys of yesteryear. Today’s firewalls have evolved into sophisticated anti-intruder systems that can protect large corporate networks from spyware, viruses and other malware.

Don’t leave the selection and configuration of your company’s firewall up to the amateurs. Gravity Systems can advise you on exactly what kind of system you need, perform a professional installation and then monitor your system to make sure it’s getting the job done. 

Remote Access

If you’ve been tempted to set up a remote access network so your employees can work from their home computers or a mobile device, today’s technology makes it easier than ever to take advantage of the money-saving, energy-saving benefits of this mode of operation. Your needs may involve nothing more complex than controlling your desktop remotely or as complex as putting up a terminal server. There are many options – and many potential pitfalls if you don’t know the basic rules of thumb to protect your data. Gravity Systems can make sure your remote access is secure as well as accessible.


A virtual private network, or VPN, connects local area and remote networks. Say your company has branch offices in North Austin, Central Austin and South Austin, as well as a corporate headquarters in California. You can connect the local networks of all these offices together so that the Austin workers have access to data on the servers in California and vice versa. A VPN can also provide a kind of “virtual office” to connect any number of home-based workers to a central server, with everyone working remotely yet sharing data as easily as if they were all across the hall from each other. Gravity Systems can set you up with the ideal VPN solution for your employees or divisions. Go virtual with Gravity!

Internet Access

If you’re scratching your head over which Internet provider or package makes the most sense for your business, let Gravity Systems lend a helping hand. We can advise you on which providers will serve your needs best – and yes, we said “providers.”

Having a built-in redundancy system using more than one provider can play a critical role in keeping your computer system up when a provider goes down. Even a brief Internet service outage can cost you sales, productivity and the ability to communicate internally and externally – and not all outages are brief ones. (Don’t expect the Internet provider to be much help in working out the kinks between their service and your hardware, either.) Gravity Systems can devise and maintain a multi-level Internet failsafe system for your company, with “fail-over” priority given to essential operations. Let us help you stay online so you can stay productive.


If you don’t currently have a CIO (Chief Information Officer) to help you plan and implement your IT systems development, let Gravity Systems do the planning for you! Where do you see your company in three years, or five years? How will your corporate structure, personnel and goals for expansion change your IT needs during that time? We can help you figure out what kind of hardware and software purchases, network growth and other smart solutions can give you the robust technical resources you’ll need to stay ahead of the curve. You can call it “virtual CIO” or “outsourced CIO” – we call it a smart, cost-effective way to prepare for future growth.


Whatever software you commonly use in your industry, Gravity Systems can get it for you and get it up and running. We sell and install a huge range of individual and bundled applications to suit pretty much any need or preference. Looking for an alternative to Microsoft Exchange for your server? We’ve got it. Not sure what applications you need? We can help you choose the right software for the right job and make sure it’s installed and ready to go in nothing flat. Get your software up to speed with a little help from the friendly experts at Gravity Systems.

 We want you to feel comfortable with the solutions we give you. That's why we offer a "no-strings-attached" consultation to assess your needs and answer your questions. This service is free to our neighbors in the greater Austin area, but we can also travel to most out-of-town locations for a modest fee.

Contact us today to set up your consultation!