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The specific recommendations for staying safe during the COVID-19 outbreak seem to change every time we turn around. The need for social distancing, however, remains a constant. Maintaining a reasonable space between your business team members and your service providers is one example -- but what does that mean for your ability to keep getting the IT assistance you need?

If you have Gravity Systems as your Austin business IT support resource, your technology should keep humming along just as before. That’s because we make extensive use of remote IT support capabilities and options, including:

  • Phone support 

    You might be surprised to discover just how many minor technical difficulties can be resolved over the phone. Our team can evaluate your problem, talk you through troubleshooting and corrections, and get you productive again in no time. We can even look inside your IT system through a virtual connection to see what you’re seeing.
  • Remote management 

    _Blog images (1)The same remote connection that allows us to help you solve glitches can also alert us to system or component malfunctions, from a dying hard drive to an Internet bandwidth bottleneck. Automated trouble reports direct us to deal with the problem ASAP.
  • Cloud-based backups and updates
    Don’t worry about your IT system falling behind on its security or functionality during this crazy time. Our cloud-based backups and software updates keep on going, with no human contact necessary.

What about those IT issues that require on-site installations or fixes? Obviously, we want to protect the health and well-being of everyone concerned, even as we recognize the need to keep your IT system running. We may advise you to put “elective” projects (such as non-essential improvements) on the back burner for the time being. If you do need on-site help, rest assured our team will exercise every social distancing precaution. Don’t be afraid to ask!