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It's great to be busy – unless your ambitions are outstripping your current IT resources. Do you just try to struggle along as best you can? Do you scale back on your dreams and ambitions? Thanks to Gravity Systems' “remote hands” services, you don't have to settle for either of those compromises. That's because our Austin IT managed services experts can provide high-quality remote IT assistance for Houston, the Central Texas area, Phoenix AZ and every state in the U.S.  We can help your IT team reach locally into our markets with easy to use remote hands and on-site support for your remote users.  

Your organization's current IT setup might be perfectly adequate under normal circumstances. But if you suddenly find yourself short-handed in the technology department, you may want to beef up your IT support until you can rebuild that in-house team. If you're launching an unusually large project, you may need to augment your IT resources for the duration of that project. If you're growing into new and/or isolated markets, you may need a reliable source of ongoing IT support for those offices.


Gravity Systems can provide a remote support solution that makes sense for your particular needs. We can put “boots on the ground” for businesses throughout Central Texas and Phoenix for a wide range of necessary assistance. For less invasive tasks, our remote IT support can:


  • Troubleshoot software and connectivity glitches
  • Perform regularly scheduled updates and backups
  • Deal with workstation or server issues
  • Deliver and install new hardware
  • Troubleshoot odd networking glitches that need a physical presence

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If you have a problem that requires in-person technical assistance, but you happen to be 2,000 miles away from our Austin office – that's okay too. We maintain a network of local vendor partners and technical expertise across the U.S. and our Austin computer solutions include: 

Contact us today to find out how we can help you or anyone else you know who needs an extra pair of hands!