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Flooding in Thailand and your computers

As many of you are aware, Thailand has had some severe flooding.  Unfortunately, Thailand is the second largest exporter of hard disks in the world.  Since almost all of the top-tier manufactures use a just-in-time manufacturing model, they don’t stock more than a few days of parts.  The end result is that systems ordered after the next few days will likely see a significant delay in ship time.  There are estimates that machines ordered in the next week or so will not ship until after the first of the year.  No one is really sure at this point, but that is what all the manufacturers are hearing from their suppliers.  I would suggest planning for at least a one-month shipping delay.

Please note that both server and desktop drives will be in short supply.  SSDs are not made in Thailand as much, but there will likely be a run on those as the supply of traditional hard drives dwindles.

Please adjust your year-end planning as necessary.  If you need us to try to push a machine through for you today or tomorrow, please e-mail us at support@gravityusa.com


Thank you,

The Gravity Systems Team