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               “Fire!” Nobody ever wants to hear that exclamation in a crowded workplace. In addition to the hazards faced by your employees, you could lose some or even all of your critical IT equipment in a fire -- especially if that fire gets its start in your server room. Here are some steps you should take to keep your computer components and their surroundings as hazard-free as possible.

Keep everything clean.

            You may not realize it, but dust, dander and a lot of other airborne debris happens to be flammable. If you allow this stuff to settle in and around your computer gear, you’re asking for trouble. It doesn’t take much effort to dust or vacuum your server room on a regular basis -- and when you think about the disaster you could be preventing, you’ll be glad you did those few extra minutes of maintenance.

Check your wiring.

                    Do you see any evidence of frayed power cords or other potential electrical fire hazards? Take care when moving you storing your electronic components so that you don’t accidentally crimp or damage electrical cables. Keep an eye on your ear protectors as well, changing them out when they start to get long in the tooth.

Don’t use your server room as a storage room.
                     Computer gear and flammable materials such as cardboard boxes, paperwork, and other organic matter don’t mix. One spark could set all those items ablaze like a campus bonfire. Keep your license, manuals, and related computer information in another room, no matter how temptingly convenient it might be to leave them lying around for easy access.

                     Our Austin IT tech support team at Gravity Systems can offer additional protection through periodic IT system inspections, suggested repairs or replacements, and cloud-based data storage and disaster recovery. Call us today to learn more!