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Traffic in Austin Is a Mess. Time to Offer Telecommuting?

Posted by GS Staff on May 12, 2017 6:57:30 AM

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If you've spent any time driving to and from work in Austin, Texas lately, you probably spent most of that time, not driving, but sitting still in your car. As the population of the state capital rises, its transportation infrastructure and employer geography remain largely the same, creating epic traffic jams and making the daily commute an enormous waste of workers' time, energy and productivity.

If your own business is suffering from traffic-induced downtime among your employees, maybe it's time you offered them a better way – telecommuting, as made possible by your Austin business IT support team at Gravity Systems.

 The numbers reveal the true ugliness of the situation. Austin currently ranks 13th in the nation and 42nd worldwide (out of more than 1,000 cities) for traffic congestion. As of 2016, Austin workers were spending 12 percent of their driving time going nowhere, sitting in frustrating gridlock. In fact, the stretch of I-35 between Airport and Slaughter Lane was ranked Number 6 among the 10 worst U.S. corridors, with drivers crawling along at an average of 26 miles per hour. Some of those drivers are probably the people trying to get to your office or store – so they're either habitually late or so frustrated by the situation that they're ready to go work somewhere else closer to home. So why not let them work from home while still working for you?

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 Gravity Systems can set you up with a host of efficient telecommuting capabilities, from remote desktops and shared servers to cloud-based project collaboration. Whether your workers prefer to work from the comfort of home, from their favorite coffee shop or from across the globe, your productivity will leap forward when your employees are no longer sitting still in traffic. Contact us today and let's get moving!

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