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You've been wishing you could replace the creaky old Windows Vista or XP operating systems on your company's workstations. But there's that one invaluable or proprietary program your business absolutely needs, and it's not compatible with the latest OS, so you just struggle along. Hey, it's antiquated, but it works, right?

Actually, your IT system may not work for long, not if that antiquated OS exposes you to hackers and malware that could've easily been avoided. Fortunately, our Austin IT business support experts can help you modernize without losing your ability to conduct those specialized tasks.

If you are running an outmoded OS, you're certainly not alone. A recent study of businesses worldwide found that 2,000 of them were using outmoded operating systems on the majority of their computers. Remember the WannaCry ransomware attack back in March? 20 percent of the computers in the research were running XP or Vista at that time, making them completely vulnerable to data “kidnapping.” Many of them were also using outmoded Web browsers, further increasing their vulnerability.


If you think you have no choice but run such horrifying risks because that essential application that just won't work with newer OS versions, think again. Our Austin IT support team at Gravity Systems can not only upgrade all your workstations and servers to newer, safer systems; we can also point you toward solutions such as VMs (virtual machines), which can run a “program inside a program,” or even more modern alternatives to that specialized software. Keeping up with the times is much easier in the long run than hanging onto the past – and it's a lot safer for your business, too. Contact us and let's talk about how we we can get you “back to the future” by ensuring a more secure future for your technology!

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