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If you started your business with a bare-bones IT setup, you're probably in need of something more capable and robust now that you're a thriving company. But where should you put your money when you're putting together that new and improved IT system?

Mere guesswork isn't enough; you need professional guidance – and that's exactly what our Austin IT support team offers. We can help you budget for such essential considerations as:

 Hardware – Does your current hardware still have plenty of life in it? If so, you may be able to budget around it, focusing your energies on additional components and connectivity options. But if some of your key devices are getting long in the tooth, you need to know which state-of-the-art products to replace them with and what those items will cost. We can point you toward the right high-quality hardware (and the software that runs on it) for the job, helping you avoid cheaper “solutions” that may turn out to be false economy.

 Network design – How fast is your business likely to grow, and how much will your IT system need to grow along with it? These are tough questions to answer and even tougher ones to budget for. Our Austin IT experts have years of experience helping businesses just like yours come up with the answers, allowing you to create a realistic multi-year IT budget to accommodate expansion. We can also show you how to future-proof for that expansion as affordably as possible while still maintaining quality.


 Human resources – How large an IT staff will your new system need, and what will those personnel cost you? We can provide you with realistic estimates for both in-house and outsourced IT services – including ours!

 Ready to get a better grip on your IT budget? Contact Gravity Systems and let's talk dollars and sense!

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