Gravity Mail Advanced

Leverage the power of the Internet to share and synch all your time-urgent data with the Gravity Mail Advanced hosted service from Gravity Systems Austin. Keep your employees up to date and in the know with shared email, calendar and data synching across a variety of applications, platforms and hardware, including mobile devices. Gain quick and easy access to all your latest event and meeting notifications from any computer or smartphone that can access the Web. Gravity Email Advanced also backs up and archives your critical info while making use of advanced anti-spam and anti-virus protection. You'll be glad you made this connection!

It's Easy

You'll find Gravity Mail Advanced a snap to use once we get you set up and running.. Synch across Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and all standard data protocols. You'll love the way you can synch data between Entourage, iCal, Outlook and other popular scheduling/email programs. You can also push that data to mobile devices such as Blackberries, iPhones and other smartphones, giving you total access to your updated information while on the go. You might even decide to use the system's Web-based groupware instead of bothering with desktop-based programs at all.

It's Secure

Our server's sophisticated firewall and anti-malware programs ensure that the data you synch is safe and secure at all times. Gravity Email Advanced runs fully automated backups to guard against data loss with no effect on your system speed. It even allows for easy email archiving for compliance purposes.

Connect your employees to the daily data they need, and stop worrying if everyone “got the memo” on that important update. Contact Gravity Systems Austin and connect your business to the cloud today!