Gravity Mail Basic

Unless your company has the words “Yahoo” or “Hotmail” in its title, why would you want to direct customers and vendors to an email ending in “” or “” Yet countless small businesses make themselves look even smaller by making that error. But don't worry, because the answer is at hand – in the form of Gravity Systems Austin's Gravity Mail Basic service.

Professional Setup and Support

When you choose Gravity Mail Basic, you get professionally hosted email for as many addresses as you care to add. First we set up a POP (Post Office Protocol) email account that groups all of your email addresses under a central domain name that's actually relevant to your company's name or industry – no more of that “running the business off of your personal web account” look. But where other providers just leave it at that, Gravity Mail Basic continues to support your email service whenever you need help troubleshooting, changing or expanding your email system. And the fact that your email data sits on its own separate, remote server helps to protect your company's other data against hackers, spammers and other bad guys.

Scale Up Whenever You're Ready

If you decide you'd like to go from the basic email hosting to shared, synchronized email, calendar and other data over the Web via the miracle of “cloud computing,” you can always upgrade your Gravity Mail Basic account to our powerful and secure Gravity Mail Advanced service. Gravity Systems Austin is ready, willing and able to accommodate your evolving needs as you grow and prosper, so just contact us and we'll get things rolling.