Server Solutions

Whether you need a small business server to share files and programs, a proxy server to control internet access or network-attached storage (NAS) server for file storage and access, we can help. Don’t settle for a cookie cutter solution. Get the server that is right for your business with a custom server solution from Gravity Systems Phoenix.

Get the ability for you and your employees to access shared files, QuickBooks and other industry specific programs. Access the server from within the workplace or remotely. You'll enjoy the capability to run everyday maintenance tasks automatically and easily, ensuring that your business stays up and running without sacrificing your day - or even a byte. 

Stay in the loop, even when you're away. Enjoy secure access to your address books, email, calendars, files, spreadsheets and programs any time. Connect from any computer in the office or work remotely on a computer or mobile device with an internet connection. 

Keep your team working together powerfully with such convenient features as built-in workflow functionality, version control and easy access for better teamwork and boosted productivity. 

Give your company the peace of mind with scheduled automated backups to prevent the loss of critical files and allow you to recover any deleted material resulting from a system outage or other threat.  

Run your network more efficiently with a server solution. Store and organize important passwords, provide different levels of access for employees and set up firewall preferences, anti-malware and virus protection. 

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