Welcome to GravityPhone, where small businesses can have their own customized phone system for a lot less money and a lot less hassle than traditional phone services. Even small businesses need a full-featured phone system to run professionally. 

Advanced Phone Routing and Administration
When you call a local business, you expect to get your local business on the phone. GravityPhone’s web-based service offers more features than your traditional phone setup. You’ll love how simple it is to create voice menus that guide your callers to their destination, without sounding like an answering service. You can even use specific routing for holiday and after-hours calls, along with pushing your voicemails to your email box. Pretty cool, we know. Get all the bells and whistles for your business phone from any web-enabled computer with GravityPhone.  

Simple Installation and Configuration
Forget old-fashioned landlines, bulky hardware and line outages. GravityPhone runs your whole system over the internet. Waiting for tech personnel to show up at your office every time something goes wrong or when you need an extension is annoying. GravityPhone automatically configures each new phone you plug in as an extension to the system. If you move to a new location, we can simply just relocate the internet connection.  

Give your business the affordable, high tech phone routing system it really deserves. Contact Gravity Systems Phoenix about making GravityPhone your virtual switchboard operator!