Hosted Kerio Operator - Gravity Systems Phoenix 

Now you can run your company's entire phone system using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology having to buy a $25,000 server. Hosted Kerio Operator from Gravity Systems Phoenix makes it not only possible absolutely easy. This system includes the options of Kerio Operator, including voicemail and email integration, Auto-Attendant, Auto-Provisioning and always a remote access via MyPhone. Say goodbye to spending thousands on a server and say hello to Hosted Kerio Operator! 

Voicemail/Email Integration
With Gravity Systems Phoenix, it’s just as easy to manage your incoming voicemail messages, as it is to manage your daily email. How? Hosted Kerio Operator will work hand-in-hand with Kerio Connect to synchronize and consolidate both types of messages, dropping voicemail and email alike into your email box for a one-stop message box solution. And if you don't have Kerio Connect for email/calendar sharing, that's okay too – Hosted Kerio Operator still allows you to review your voicemail from your email box. 

As your business continues to grow, so does your software. You’ve got to find a better way of processing the rift-raft. Manual routing doesn’t do a busy company justice. Hosted Kerio Operator is on top of the problem with its amazing Auto-Attendant feature. Set up all kinds of call routing menus and announcements to guide callers to the exact person they need, every time. Time-conditioned rerouting and announcements can be set for after-hours calls or during the holidays when you're closed or running a small staff. 

Manual setup of every single new phone line is quite the waste on time and productivity. Leave it to the Kerio Operator’s Auto-Provisioning feature. Every time you add a new phone line to your system, Hosted Kerio Operator works proactively to set the line up, configure the data and correctly gives the lines its own extension number. While you sit back and monitor and supervise your growing bank of extensions, Kerio Auto-Provision will be doing all the work.  

What if you could check your voicemail, reconfigure your call-forwarding settings, and check your inbound or outbound call history even when you don't have your phone handy? Well, now you can do those things and many more with Hosted Kerio Operator's MyPhone feature. It all runs over the Internet, so as long as you have Web access you can keep up with all your phone tasks over your browser of choice. 

If you want Hosted Kerio Operator with all the functionality of a serious digital phone system, make your own call to Gravity Systems Phoenix!