Gravity Mail Basic

Having a hosted email service that uses your company's own name, as opposed to a generic email address with "" or "" in it, is a critical first step in building credibility and putting you in the same arena as the big boys. And there's no easier or smarter way to get that hosted email than through Gravity Mail Basic.

Easy POP Setup

Gravity Systems Houston create a POP (Post Office Protocol) email account for your business that includes your business name in the address, and we run it over our reliable, secure server so you can access it anytime, from any Web connection. (In any case, it's always smart to keep your local IT server that much safer by running your email separately on a remote server.) And while other hosting companies consider their work done after initial setup, we stay on board to help you with any troubleshooting or modifications you may need.

It Scales Up

Once you have Gravity Mail Basic, you can always upgrade to our comprehensive email service, Gravity Mail Advanced, when you're truly ready for the big time. You'll gain shared email and calendar synching across multiple platforms, operating systems and devices, putting your company in prime position to keep up with your booming business. In the meantime, contact Gravity Systems Houston and let's tackle the basics!