Symantec System Recovery 2011 - Gravity Systems Houston

If you've ever had to recover your business's mission-critical data the old-fashioned manual way, because your recovery method gave you no other option, you know that it takes hours of frustrating labor -- hours that your business can't afford to lose. But now there's a way to bounce back at get your business running again at lightning speed. It's Symantec System Recovery 2011, and it's available right now through Gravity Systems Houston.

Faster Recovery and Restoration

Symantec System Recovery 2011 will have your data recovered in no time. Do a full restoration from bare metal up to any particular point in time before the loss occurred. Restore Anywhere technology gives you the freedom to restore data across dissimilar hardware or multiple data locations, while hot imaging lets you run a super-fast hardware restoration anytime you like. Instruct the system to copy the recovered information to external drives, remote servers or networks automatically. Make your own handy backup/recovery USB device. And recover all of your SharePoint or Exchange data in a few seconds' time, thanks to the program's integrated granular recovery.

Works with Virtual Environments

Go virtual with Symantec System Recovery 2011! Now you can recover data on a virtual environment or a physical environment with the greatest of ease. You can even convert a virtual system to a physical system (or a physical system to a virtual system), and schedule automated VMWare uploads as needed. The program includes support for several virtual environments such as Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V. You can even use it as hypervisor system for multiple virtual machines by purchasing a single Symantec System Recovery Virtual Edition license.

Includes Secure Backup

Symantec System Recovery 2011's data backup features are just as efficient as its recovery methods. Thanks to advanced data reduction technologies such as SmartSector, your data is compressed to make the backup process faster while also taking up much less of your valuable drive space. You have total control over the backup schedule -- run backups on individual files and folders, or backup every byte of your company's data. Save your backups onto the storage drive, device or media of your choice. And rest easy knowing that your backup is protected by AES encryption.

Easy to Manage

Symantec System Recovery 2011's centralized management systems make it unbelievably easy to monitor and administer your backup and recovery schedules. A user-friendly interface gives you access to all of the program's functions and processes. You can set default configurations to suit your needs, monitor backup and recovery job progress, check on your systems' current levels of protection, view backup histories for your network and associated devices, and keep track of file, system and volume data -- and you can generate preset reports to make administration even easier.

Gravity Systems Houston can hook you up with the right edition of Symantec System Recovery 2011 for your business's needs, including Virtual, Linux, Desktop, Small Business Server or Server Editions. Contact us today and let's determine the best way to make your company recovery-ready!