Hosted Kerio Connect - Gravity Systems Houston

If you would love to provide your company with the wealth of email and calendar syncing, backup and archiving features in Kerio Connect, but you just don't have a dedicated server for it -- and you don't feel like spending $25,000 or more to get one -- then Gravity Systems Houston has a wonderful surprise for you. It's called Hosted Kerio Connect, and it gives you all the amazing features and functions of Kerio Connect with no need for a local server! That's because we host the program for you on our secure, reliable Gravity Systems Houston server instead.

It's all here -- synchronized email and calendar data that works with a variety of operating systems, platforms and devices, automated data backups, email archiving, super-strong anti-malware protection and more. And by running your email and calendar programs on a separate server from your other data, you add extra security to your overall IT system. Hosted Kerio Connect is the "cloud" data solution you've been dreaming of.

Cross-platform Collaboration

An IT system running on multiple platforms with multiple applications is just another day at the office for Hosted Kerio Connect. The program works just fine with Windows, Linux or Mac systems, and it can coordinate and synchronize data from all your favorite programs, including Microsoft Outlook, Entourage for the Mac and even iCal, with which you can natively sync through CalDAV. Access the convenient, easy-to-use groupware over the Internet with your Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer browser. You may even find that you prefer the groupware interface to your traditional desktop-based applications.

Wireless Mobile Synchronization

Pushing your synchronized data to mobile devices such as smartphones gets a lot easier once you have Hosted Kerio Connect. Set up your Blackberry Enterprise Server to push data automatically to a Blackberry. Push email and calendar data to other kinds of mobile devices via Exchange ActiveSync. And hit the "smart bomb" on a stolen or missing device by using Kerio Smart Wipe to wipe all sensitive information off the device by remote control.

Robust Email Security

If you're worried that all this extra connectivity will make your data vulnerable to hackers, spam or viruses, Hosted Kerio Connect's comprehensive security features will have you breathing easier. The program stops 98 percent of all undesirable email in its tracks, thanks to 14 layers of anti-spam protection. Spam Repellant stops 80 percent of that content before it even hits the server, to keep your disk space as uncluttered as possible. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, because Hosted Kerio Connect also includes SpamAssassin, custom blacklists and whitelists, SMTP restrictions, anti-phishing and anti-spoofing safeguards, not to mention its advanced Sophos anti-virus engine.

Email Archiving

If you need to keep your email archived for compliance and governance purposes, you'll find that Hosted Kerio Connect simplifies the process greatly. Hosted Kerio Connect can file incoming, outgoing and relayed email messages automatically, according to whatever retention periods you set for each email account. It also allows for easy searching and sorting of archived material, so you can always find that critical email you're looking for without delay.

Automated Backup

One of the reasons people fail to back up their data is that they simply forget to do it -- but with Hosted Kerio Connect, you'll never have to worry about that again. You can set up regular automated backups of any or all of your company data, and Hosted Kerio Connect will perform the backups over our Gravity Systems Houston server like clockwork. And it won't slow your IT system down either, so you can be secure and productive at the same time. Hosted Kerio connect can also recover deleted data with no problem, so you're completely covered.

Simple Administration

We recommend Hosted Kerio Connect even to small businesses with minimal IT resources because it's just so easy to set up and run, especially with the Gravity Systems Houston server taking on the hardware burden. The software installer will have the program up and running in no time, and you'll always have a clear view of what's going on via the Web Administration interface. Hosted Kerio Connect is designed to communicate flawlessly with all the standard protocols such as HTTP, LDAP, SMTP POP and IMAP for as trouble-free an experience as possible.

Simple Deployment

As with so many of its other features, Hosted Kerio Connect allows for a variety of options when it comes to deployment. It can be deployed from Linux, Mac or Windows-based desktops or servers. The Distributed Domain feature allows multiple servers in various locations to run a single email domain. Hypervisor or "cloud" deployment allows for the use of VMWare, Parallels and other virtual appliance options.

Give your business the instant, feature-rich, secure connectivity it needs to grow without breaking the bank on server hardware. Contact Gravity Systems Houston today and let us put our server to work for you with Hosted Kerio Connect!