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Stephanie Kulkarni

Stephanie Kulkarni manages a variety of critical tasks across all areas of the business, ranging from administrative operations to marketing, purchasing and sales. A native of the Los Angeles area, she graduated from University of California Irvine, where she cultivated her love of art and culture through a degree in East Asian Languages and Literatures. She started her career as an intern Editorial Assistant, and has held various communication- and writing-oriented positions. She has travelled and volunteered in multiple countries across the globe, an experience which has enabled her to adeptly meet the ever-changing demands of the company. As a deeply empathetic individual, she enjoys being able to integrate her care for others with the close-knit environment at Gravity Systems and the “GS way” of helping others.

Stephanie uses her weekends and evenings to pursue her passions of volunteerism and art. She currently spends her time volunteering with animal- and environment-focused non-profits, and is working on mastering several artistic mediums. Her favorite pastimes include spending time with her husband, gardening and taking care of their two cats.

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