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Jun Chang

Jun Chang provides end-to-end support for just about anything IT-related in his position as an IT Technician here at GS. Jun also makes a point of adding to his knowledge and making the team better through mentoring and sharing of best practices. Jun got his start working with companies in the UK, US and Australia.

Jun’s love of a good challenge, paired with his problem-solving skills, have made his decade of IT work a great pleasure for him, especially when it involves solving a problem for one of our customers. Even as a child, Jun’s curiosity for learning how things work led him to tear down and rebuild his own home computer.

An only child, Jun has maintained a long-term relationship with his girlfriend with whom he was classmates in college. He also fosters and rescues stray cats, currently describing himself as “fur-parent” to two feline family members. In his free time, he plays video games to de-stress.

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