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Jesse Edwards

Jesse Edwards is a long-standing IT professional and powerhouse who has been in the industry for over 20 years. He has experience in all areas of IT from PC networking and hardware/software experience to Internet and LAN/WAN technical expertise gained at all manner of companies. Jesse’s proficiency is non-discriminatory; he has solved technical problems for Fortune 500 corporations, small businesses, public schools, non-profit organizations, and many other unique environments. He has served as a manager within non-profit organizations and has managed several large corporate IT projects.

Highly curious and harboring a love for solving complex problems, Jesse nurtured his natural technological talents with encouragement from his father while growing up on his family’s farm in Ohio; it was with his father’s suggestion that he pursued a career utilizing these talents. These qualities, along with a deep drive and ability to focus acutely, are traits that Jesse brings with him into all areas of his IT practice, as well as his outside activities. His preferred pastimes include surfing, soccer, hiking, camping, nature watching and music.

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